如果生产线工人有危险, they can press the emergency call button on their 泰特 portable radio to immediately alert dispatch. If they are rendered unable to manually call for help, automated safety features like 人下来 and Lone Worker will immediately send an alarm to dispatch. 使用GPS和 位置服务, these features can help resolve emergencies quickly.



The great call clarity offered by 泰特 DMR ensures messages come through loud and clear, 多亏了数字降噪技术. 泰特 覆盖设计 在你需要的地方提供保险. A PTToC Solution gives workers access to your radio network via smartphone app, so even without their radio they can stay connected. PTToC解决方案具有无缝漫游功能, 利用最好的网络, 大大增加了您的有效覆盖范围.



泰特 customers have tough jobs, so our radios are built tough. 泰特困难 portables have been engineered with the durability utility workers need from their equipment, capable of surviving a drop from six feet onto concrete. 我们的 本质安全 portables are engineered to operate safely in hazardous environments, keeping your people safe while they get the job done.



Built-in support for location-based services lets you know the exact location of workers and assets, and where events are occurring across your coverage area. Keep your workers out of harm's way with a dynamic, real-time view of operations. These applications provide big data analysis capability to identify ongoing communications issues.

“我们的工作是保持电力供应. The 泰特 system allows us to communicate faster with the field during storm situations, 恢复供电, 获得固定的问题, 让灯一直亮着.”




泰特统一的车辆 turns your mobile radio into a vehicle area network through WiFi. 已连接的用户可以访问蜂窝网络, LTE, or LMR network and enjoy better coverage because of the powerful receiver. Line workers in remote locations can receive and report job information, right from their vehicles. Share weather conditions, traffic reports, or site-specific hazards. Ensure workers are safe and well prepared for the task at hand.


电网停机和卡车上线都要花钱. 泰特GridLink helps you minimize these costs by reporting the location of network outages. 故障发生时, you can reroute power around downed lines and immediately dispatch workers to the right place 恢复供电 as quickly as possible.  


Update, manage and report on your entire radio fleet with 泰特启用 工具. 使用无线编程(OTAP), you can deliver updates without workers needing to bring their radios back to dispatch. The software even alerts you if an update fails, maintaining consistent results across your fleet. Reports and monitoring are also centralized, making it quick and easy to call up information.


You don't need a separate network for your voice and data communications. 泰特 DMR network solutions combine mobile voice and data services with fixed data services on the same network. Save money and time by running both mission critical voice and data applications on one network.



A DMR network not only offers mission critical voice, but a range of great data applications to increase safety and efficiency. 自动化 网格的分布,跟踪你的 工人的位置管理你的收音机 舰队远程, and enjoy greater spectral efficiency with DMR.


Interoperability and flexibility are cornerstones of successful radio platforms. A truly interoperable system will give a utility the flexibility to deploy equipment from multiple vendors. 泰特 DMR complies to the DMR standard, allowing interoperability with other DMR products.


Keep your workers in the field connected, even in remote locations, with 泰特统一的车辆 is a platform for your workers' mobile radios that creates a network of networks, 无论他们走到哪里都可以使用WiFi. 这提供了冗余, ensuring that responders can communicate and have access to data and vital information wherever they are.


A PTToC Solution allows Utility workers and Managers to call their radio network from their cell phone. As long as your phone has an internet connection, you can stay connected to the radio network from anywhere in the world.



塔尔昆电气总部设在昆西, 佛罗里达,发球是2分,600 square mile territory that covers four counties in Northwest Florida. The Electric Co-op works in water, waste water, and electric. They have approximately 190 employees, 110 vehicles, and plenty of radio traffic.




如果您需要升级您的语音网络, then choose the critical voice platform that also supports wide area distribution automation. 泰特DMR Tier 3是一个关键任务 语音和SCADA网络. 减少安装时间, 网络维护, and costs with a proven platform that won't fail, 即使在紧急情况.


与更好的网格可视性从泰特GridLink, utilities are able to quickly isolate and resolve many faults remotely. 需要部署的卡车将更少, but if on-site assistance is required you'll know exactly where to send help. Find out how much money your organization can save with our 泰特GridLink计算器或者了解更多关于泰特GridLink的信息 提高员工效率.


泰特GridLink gives grid managers visibility and control of their assets, helping them to predict potential failures and improve reliability and resilience. 改善网格的可见性 将确保更好的SAIDI和CAIDI指标, 提高客户服务水平, 以及更低的运营成本.


泰特GridLink使实用程序能够平衡负载, 优化无功电压优化, 和集成可再生能源, all of which improve power delivery effectiveness. 有了更好的负载管理,您可以 优化您的网络 to ensure that your budgeted asset life cycles are realized and avoid premature equipment failure or replacement.


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