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The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is, *silence, *listening, *memory, *practice, *teaching others.” – Solomon Ibn Gabriel

Intervention: Writing Therapy:
Writing is a kind of therapy that will prove to be very effective. It is effective in helping to solve any type of troubled teens behavior including, drugs and substance abuse, anger management issues, and depression. Writing is a good way to start coping with depression. It's not aggressive, it's something people can do by themselves, and it allows the chance to see individual feelings in black and white, and then make plans to do something about them. Journaling is an effective form of self-help writing. If its done in earnest, and a person works through their
resistance, they will improve at it. Once the thoughts are externalized, and out of the mind and onto paper, then there's no longer a mystique attached to them. Writing about important personal experiences is not only good for a person’s mental health; it can inspire and uplift the soul, awaken the heart and ignite the purpose. Writing can develop communication, and help to approach and deal with some of a persons deepest thoughts, hurts, fears, and concerns. Learn to become creative and feel rewarded about it. Writing enables an individual to get out their
emotions and tell what they have been through in life.

Goals Include;
Personal goal setting and attainment skills.
Improving self-confidence and promoting character development.
Awareness and importance of education and academic success.
Positive social and behavioral skills.
Increasing family involvement.
Finding positive inner potential.
Finding our God given treasure within.

First Class Completion: Clark County Juvenile Detention Boys Unit E1 5/2012.
The class of approx. 20 male youths completed the class and were kind enough to surprise their Writing instructors with a
Thank You/Mothers Day Card.

YOU, offers an array of services designed to meet the needs of our youth and families who are faced with one or more barriers.
YOU, helping to foster the growth of our youth into well-balanced and productive citizens.
YOU, educational and recreational programs for youth that promotes academic achievement, youth development, spiritual awareness, mentoring, and community service.

SNCGTF provides community services; training and education, resources, agency partnerships and mentoring programs, faithbase mentorship. Our aim is to improve the lives of our youth by encouraging them to reach their highest potential and avoid behavior and attitudes that lead to juvenile delinquency.

Youth: The terms of  "youth", "adolescent", "teenager", "kid", and "young person" are interchanged, often meaning the same thing, occasionally differentiated.
Youth generally refers to a time of life that is neither childhood nor adulthood, but rather somewhere in-between.
Youth also identifies a particular mindset of attitude.
Youth is an alternative word to the scientifically-oriented adolescent and the common terms of teen and teenager.
"This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease." - Robert Kennedy.

Outreach: An outreach describes any activity that brings the work, experience, knowledge, information, inventions, etc. out into the community.
It is a provision of community services, the provision of information or services to groups in society who might otherwise be neglected.

Unbound: Released from bonds, ties, or shackles of low self esteem, we allow our youth to build their futures.
Understanding that our youth are the future, and keeping with the efforts within our organization to ensure greater collaboration and partnerships between all disciplines, and positive strategies to be carried through.
The need to excite our children towards a bright future paves the way for good self esteem, talent and skill development and enhancement, improved relationships, higher success in their education, and a higher quality of life.

Community Programs Include;
Writing, Sports, Mentorship,

The Training Center: Is located at 538 S. Decatur Boulevard, LV 89107, and is  located on the corner of Decatur and Alta.
The Center offers program training for the Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force, Gang Resistence Training, and Academy on Gangs.

The Center also provides training for community faith-base training of Chaplaincy, provided by Chaplaincy Nevada, which is a division of
Messages of Faith Ministry. This course provides training for Lay Chaplains, with a pathway to Ordination.

All training is provided as a community awareness and service provider. All classes are provided at No Cost.

The Center relies upon community donations, please visit our Pay-Pal to make a contribution.Your donations are tax exempt.
Grand Opening April 24th 2012
Writing Program: Out of the Mirror.
This program is taught inside the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.
Training is conducted by, Prevention Subcommittee, Victoria Campe, Regina Harrison, and Debbie Damron.
The program is scheduled in 5 weekends with 10 sessions.
Community Partners & Youth Sports Event: Building Bridges. Amateur Boxing and Martial Arts
GRT Handbook Fundraiser: Fighting for Peace. Hosted by, ChallengeKADS, Richard Steele Boxing, Airforce TKD. March 2012.