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- Grassroots: The Community, and agency partners!
Southern Nevada Community Gang Taskforce
The Gang Task Force Stakeholders are appreciated, valued . These are appointed, elected, and partnered relationships.
The Gang Taskforce (SNCGTF) and its Stakeholders work in a collaberative effort for the betterment of community and youth, the vital prevention, and intervention programs, the reduction of gang crime, the education and training of programs, and to further the mentorship and relationships between government and community, leaders and citizens.
The Stakeholders, being the groups and individuals that are affected by, and/or have an interest in the operations and objectives of the SNCGFT organization.
Stakeholders have the power to influence operation and decisions, to achieve shared objectives through active teamwork, has a direct or indirect stake in the organization because it can provide positive affect, actions, objectives and policies.
Stakeholders also participate in vital changes to the organization through its power of vote.
The Stakeholders and Community Gang Task Force are a working relationship committed to having law enforcement and the citizens identify and report gang activities, providing community action committee resources to gang involved youth, provides the existence of valuable services, creates methods of ensuring the long term health and prosperity of the community and organization, and provides a safer environment for our youth.
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