Intervention Team
Gang Intervention: Barry Mainardi: Email

Gang Intervention programs, including those that work to create violence-free zones, establish gang summits and truces, and help to rehabilitate youth at risk,
gang members/affiliates in juvenile detention and correctional facilities. Strategies share how to implement best practices, and sustain long-term gang reduction. Comprehensive approaches to gang problems are needed; such as the Comprehensive Community-Wide Approach to Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression. Education, training, mentorship programs for youth at risk/crisis.
SNCGTF Intervention programs seek to educate, and reduce the criminal activities of gangs by coaxing youth away from gangs and reducing criminality among
gang members. Violence-Free Zones, a grassroots community intervention for youth and gang-related violence. The Violence-Free Zone model is based on the premise that the break down of the family structure is a key risk factor for gang involvement and a major contributor to destructive behavior. Education and awareness, schools and community agencies and partners working together to graduate our youth and lead prosperous productive lives.
The SNCGTF partners with community agencies such as tutoring, sports, the arts, gang resistance training.
SNCGTF offers partnerships with youth of elementary through high school ages.
Gang Intervention Subcommittee. Human Trafficking and Gangs Task Force Chair
Las Vegas Metro Volunteer (MVP), LVMPD CIT Graduate, and a member of REACT.
Barry is also a RET. U.S. Army Captain/Veteran, Lead Chaplain for RRSAR (Red Rock Search and Rescue).
Co-Instructor for the Gang Resistance Training Handbook. Barry is also a member and training graduate for the Human Trafficking, and does guest special presentations on Human Trafficking for schools, agencies, faith-base, and taskforce partners.
Barry conducts Human Trafficking presentation for CCSD, and Centennial High ROTC class.
Avisory Board Member for the Taskforce, Chaplaincy faithbase panel, and member of the LVMPD Human Trafficking Task Force.

Gang Intervention Sub-committee co-chair and GRT Handbook Training instructor, Alfonso is
originally from San Diego California. He now resides in Las Vegas and is a PACT coalition
employee, Health Advocate for Spanish speaking population. He earned his Associates in
Behavioral Science (AODS) and is Certified for Sober Living. Alfonso has  worked with  prison
released gang members and parole clients. Hes worked with adolescents in dependency, and did
intake, group and ASI's for adults and adolescents as a translator for English and Spanish.
He became a Big Brother and goodwill ambassador, and in 2010 he received the  Big Brother
of the year award and mentor of the year by the Children s Museum in Downtown San Diego.
Hes attended CSN, and did volunteer work as a Cross Guard for North Las Vegas Police
Department. Alfonso is a Lay Chaplain, and has participated in numerous RECAP Call-outs.
He worked with first victory outreach group in San Diego in late the 1970's taking them to s
everal neighborhoods affected by gangs, he also participated in church events reaching out to
community " Iglesia Evangelical  Bethel" in National City CA.  
Gang Intervention: Alfonso Mejia:   Email

Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force TEAMS:

Handbook Team Coordinator- Debbie Damron  702-619-9898
Debbie is a Gang Prevention co-chair and  GRT Handbook Trainer.

The Gang Resistance Handbook Team is one of the working groups that Gang Prevention Subcommittee members can join to help their community.
This working group is responsible for the great success of the Handbook on Gangs Training.  It is composed of average citizens, teachers, pastors,
community agencies, grandparents and many others. 
The only requirement is a desire to save our children from gangs by “preventing them from joining gangs in the first place”. 

The GRT Handbook on Gangs is a training seminar for community, schools and parents about the signs of gang activity.  Our “Team Members”
assist in locating churches, schools, community clubhouses, homeowner associations, and others to set up the training seminars. 
Only a few minutes of time at the end of the Gang Prevention Subcommittee meeting is required to become a team member.  
It remains a personal decision if you want to volunteer less than an hour per month or several hours per month. 

Debbie serves as the luncheon chair for volunteers and announcements, bulletins, RSVP's,
newsletters, email, etc. If you would like to be added to the volunteer list please contact Debbie Damron.

Faith-based Team  Co-Coordinators:  Victoria Campe, and Sandy Marks   702-401-7149
Sandy Marks is an ordained Reverend, Chaplaincy AB Chair, and an MVP (Metro Volunteer Program).

The Faith-based Team is one of the working groups that Gang Prevention Subcommittee members can join to help their community. 
This working group is responsible for creating community service opportunities for faith-based organizations and individuals with an
interest or talent in faith-based services.  The Faith-based Team collaborates with all of the Gang Prevention Subcommittee working groups
to participate and enhance  “Community Mobilization” initiatives throughout Southern Nevada.

This working group partners with the “Chaplaincy Program” which enhances the overall community mobilization of the Gang Prevention Subcommittee. 
It also works closely with the Gang Intervention and Gang Suppression Subcommittees in facilitating faith-based activities in the community,
which demonstrate the strategies and principles of the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model.

Educational Team Coordinator:  Regina Harrison
Regina is an MVP (Metro Volunteer Program), a Clark County School District Adult Ed. Teacher.
BA in Psychology, Master of Arts Organizational management, BS Business Management.

The Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force, leadership in education and training of our youth. resources for GED,
and writing skills. This team participates and co-schedules training with the youth in detention, and the community,  through the
SNCGTF Clinic of Y.O.U (Youth Outreach Unbound).

Funding Team Coordinator:  Marshaun A. R. Winston
Marshaun is an MVP (Metro Volunteer Program), Retired Military Vet., Volunteer Ambassadors for Hope.

The Funding Team is one of the working groups that Gang Prevention Subcommittee members can join to help their community. This working
group is responsible for gathering and managing grant information related to the Gang Prevention Subcommittee as demonstrated by the
OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model. The members of this working group form collaborations for current and future grant applications.  In addition,
this working group enlists the support and services of local community coalitions to drive the grant preparation process and present new grant
opportunities to the Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force.
The Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force facilitates the success of community agencies that complete Logic Model Training and
Gang Task Force Community Provider’s Training (Evidence Based Practices) provided by the Task Force annually. 

Only a few minutes of time at the end of the Gang Prevention Subcommittee meeting is required.   It remains a personal decision if you want to
volunteer additional hours.   When grant applications are being prepared, additional hours are sometimes needed to assist in the many tasks required. 
Also, the Gang Prevention Subcommittee’s Funding Team is called upon to work with Gang Intervention and Gang Suppression grant writers on behalf
of the Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force.


Event Coordinator:  Diana Reyes.
Diana is currently awaiting her status for MVP, she is a gang prevention event coordinator co-chair, and an ordained Chaplain.

Diana coordinates the gang prevention sub-committee Quarterly Luncheons, and the Operation Lasting Peace special events.
She also works on fundraising for the events, and the printing of the GRT Handbook.

Graffiti Coalition, and Taskforce Special Events:
Kevin L Child

Kevin is an ordained Chaplain, and NV state licensed Minister. He is the Chair for the the S NV Anti Graffiti Coalition (SNAGc),
and helps facilitate special events through donations, equipment, etc .

Media Team Coordinator:   Joshua –702-401-7149
Joshua Campe is an  MVP (Metro Volunteer Program)

The Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force calls upon this working group for media planning and implementation of strategies
congruent with OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model principles.

The Media Team is one of the working groups that Gang Prevention Subcommittee members can join to help their community. This working
group is responsible for media related affairs of the Gang Prevention Subcommittee.  They also make recommendation for overall Task Force
media activities and community collaborations involving media projects.  This working group assists all Gang Prevention working groups
when called upon. 
Also, they make media presentations to the Task Force on behalf of the Gang Prevention Subcommittee.


Gang Intervention Sub-committee co-chair and GRT Handbook Training instructor, Kevin
is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. He has resided in Las Vegas for many years.
Kevin is a fire safety engineer for the Nevada National Security site. He is also a Christian
Minister with NBBC, and youth leader, and an ordained Chaplain. In 1996, he entered an
apprenticeship program and received his Associates degree from Penn State University
World Campus in Fire Science.  
As a young man he attended Rancho high school from 1980 through 1983.
In 1980, he became a member of one of the first Crips gangs in the state of Nevada called
the G Q's which transformed to the Donna Street Crips.
After several suspensions, Kevin ultimately graduated with his senior class at Rancho High,
who voted him the " most likely to go to jail".

Gang Intervention: Kevin Conway:   Email
Gang Intervention: Marshaun Winston  Email
Gang Intervention Subcommittee partner on ex-offenders and adult gang members.  Jon Ponder is himself, an ex-offender with more than ten years experience in providing training for offender populations in correctional settings. His personal life experiences uniquely equip him to provide the guidance, direction and motivation for individuals attempting to reintegrate into society following incarceration.The Vision of HOPE for Prisoners is to empower and equip men, women, and young adults who are exiting various arenas of our judicial system to help them successfully reenter and effectively function in mainstream society.
Stats: There were at least 30,000 gangs and 800,000 gang members active across the USA in 2007. About 900,000 gang members lived "within local communities across the country," and about 147,000 were in U.S. prisons or jails in 2009. More offenders are being released from prison today than at any time in history, and a number of these offenders have gang affiliations.Through support from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), in partnership with the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) and the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA), will be developing Gang Member Reentry Informational Guides and PowerPoint Tutorials to assist corrections, law enforcement, parole and probation, social service providers’, and others. These aides will provide information on providing prerelease, transition, and post release services to gang members.        
Gang Task Force & Intervention Partner: Jon Ponder/ HOPE for Prisoners: Email
Gang Intervention Subcommittee. Fundraising and Handbook Team
Las Vegas Metro Volunteer (MVP), RRSAR (Red Rock Search and Rescue). Marshaun is also an ordained Chaplain and NV State licensed Minister. US Airforce Vet.
Marshaun provides fundraising efforts and opportunties. He raises  funds for the printing of the Gang Resistance Handbook and Quarterly Gang Prevention Luncheons, as well as the annual Operations Lasting Peace projects.
If you would like to join the fundraising team, or simply donate please contact Marshaun by email.