SNV Community Gang Task Force
GRT Handbook on Gangs:
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Want to learn more about the Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force or
when there are gang trainings for agencies and providers? Get oriented by calling
702.401 7149 or 702.619.9898

Fostering Community Excellence: Community Gang Task Force Academy Boot Camp.
Creating Prevention and Intervention "Boots on the Ground".
Complete your Academy training in 1 Year.
-Crossing Bridges Symposium-
Gangs- Mental Health- Addictions

Bringing awareness and highlighting common denominators that bridge Mental health=Dual diagnosis=Addictions=
Society=Children & adults= Crime= Gangs=Law enforcement=Courts=Detention & prisons

3.5 Hours- Includes Brunch- 3 CEU's- Annual Conference-

2011- November 4th Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino  Symposium is offered one time per year: Fall 2011 $20.00 Includes Brunch.

Prevention, Intervention, Suppression Training

The Role, Methods, Objective of Community Action
3 Hr. Class - Certificate of Completion- Offered 1 Time Per Year - No Fee
Class: Spring 2012       

-Prevention: The Role, Methods, Objectives of Community Prevention

-Intervention: The Role, Methods, Objectives of Community Intervention

-Suppression: The Role, Methods, Objectives of Community Suppression
Catching the Spirit of Community, Families, and Youth
4 hrs- Certificate of Completion- offered 1 Time per year - No Fee
Class: Winter 2012

-The Role of Leadership:  Leadership is the process of influence and directing the behavior of others toward the accomplishment of common goals and objectives.

-Effective Leaders: The more attached people are to their community, the more a community thrives.
Community must become creative  to reinforce its own pride, to turn negatives into opportunities and work to enhance its neighborhoods, families, and youth.

-People Skills: Communication & Teamwork

-Families & Youth: Building Relationships, Mentoring, Success

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"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"
3 Hr. Class - Certificate of Completion- Offered 1 Times Per Year - No Fee
Class: Summer 2012

- Mentor Development: The Meaning and Role of a Mentor
A  mentor facilitates personal and professional growth  in a dynamic relational experience of trust that enables the mature person to guide, follow up, and  influence a younger person less experienced to grow into his destiny.

- Mentorship: The Purpose and Role of Mentorship
The  Mentorship program is for members/agencies to identify the Mentorship Initiative as the primary resource for professional growth and networking of both mentors and proteges.  The mentee is the achiever–”groomed” for advancement by being provided opportunities to excel beyond the limits of his or her position.

Handbook Trainings:      

MOFM Chaplaincy - Class-Closed- April 2013
Rancho High School - 6 classes- Closed- May 2013
GIbson Jr High - Closed- April 2013
Centennial High- Human Trafficking- Closed- April 2013
Handbook Hosts Download your Class Form Here
Classes Are Scheduled Year-Round
Handbook Chair:
Debbie Damron: 702-619-9898
Co-Instructor:& Human Trafficking: 
Barry Mainardi  702-523-3052

*On-Going Classes Tailored to Your Needs
Handbook with Power Point Training
* Signs, Signals, Symbols of Gangs        
* Dress, Tattoos, Graffiti,  Trafficking
*Nevada & National Gang Information 
* Mental Health, Addictions
*Gangs & Human Trafficking
CCSN-Latino Hall Handbook Class
Ambassadors Program- GRT Handbook Class
Gangs and Human Trafficking
Contact Intervention: Barry Mainardi   702 523 3052

HT Seminar  Sat. Sept. 29th 1-4 PM:
Guest Speakers:
-Lieutenant Karen Hughes, Vice Division
-Sergeant Raymond Spencer, Sexual Assault Section
-Lieutenant Rob Lundquist, Family Crimes