Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force
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Is a successful example of Public Collaboration.
Its Law Enforcement and Community (all segments of the population) partnerships are reducing gang crimes and gang violence throughout
Southern Nevada placing the “public servant” and the “ordinary citizen” into strategic collaboration.
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Community Gang Task Force
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Mission Statement
Our mission is to assist youth, young adults, families, and communities in the prevention and intervention of youth at risk/crisis, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency
through partnerships with service organizations, law enforcement, criminal justice agencies, schools, faith-base, &
the public. To prevent and suppress gang related activity through education, training, advocacy, mentorship, and networking.
Our Vision and Goal
Our vision shapes the future of gang prevention, and intervention through strong, progressive leadership, & mentorship that unites partnerships to promote the concepts within our Mission and Goal. Our goal is to create
partnership opportunities for local government, community based agencies/faith-base, and citizens to help reduce gang violence and crime, and help develop our youth at risk into productive, and educated individuals.

Chair Volunteer Hrs.: Year to Date: Jan-May: 607 hrs
Street gangs are a growing problem in southern Nevada.
The FBI ranks Clark County as the 10th worst area in the nation for the number of gang members. More than 15,000 roam the streets, and those are just the ones authorities know about. Biker gangs are getting more and more members. Hispanic-based gangs are expanding faster than other gangs. Twenty states, including Nevada, are seeing these same trends.